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Dead Sea Products 

Dead Sea is known to many as the place where one can indulge in the surreal experience of remaining afloat in the sea water. However it is a pity that only a few people actually know about the healing effect of the minerals that the Dead Sea harvests within it.

Dead Sea Products

 Dead Sea is the source of twenty one minerals including those like bromine potassium, calcium and magnesium. It has even been found that the Dead Sea also contains twelve other minerals that are very rare and cannot be found in any other sea or ocean.

Many of these minerals possess healing properties and can help in nourishment of the skin, improvement of circulatory and metabolic systems and relief from rheumatoid problems.

Dead Sea Products Salt

The salt content of the Dead Sea is the highest at 31.5 per cent. However, the presence of common salt is only about 16 per cent and the highest presence is that of bromine. The sulphur found in the thermo mineral springs found along the shoreline increases blood supply by improving the blood circulatory system of the body.

The dark mud helps to soak UV light thus, enhancing formation of new cells and easy blood circulation, helping to relieve psoriatic arthritis. The water also helps to gain improvement in nervous system and provides the skin with an outside elasticity.

The Dead Sea today has become a centre for cure and research on the therapeutic effect of the minerals on various problems related to health. Not only does the high mineral content, but also the near negligible presence of pollen grains and other allergens in the atmosphere provide ideal conditions of treatment of respiratory diseases like cystic fibrosis.

Products made from Dead Sea water can be helpful in Thallasotherapy. The mud and tar from its bed can be used to manufacture cosmetics and various other skincare products.

Dead Sea Products Minerals

Dead Sea Products for Skin

The minerals in such products can prove to be very effective in repair of damaged skin cells as well as giving the skin a glowing and rejuvenating touch.

Patients suffering from acute Rhino sinusitis can get much more relief by the spray of Dead Sea saline nasal drops as compared to normal conventional hypertonic saline spray.

According to medical researchers, the mud from the Dead Sea can be used as mineral enriched mud compressors for patients suffering from acute osteoarthritis in their knees.

The Dead Sea is also a storehouse of important minerals. Elemental bromine, magnesium and sodium chloride are taken out in large amounts. Mining is also done extensively to take out potassium magnesium chloride which is again processed to form potassium chloride.

Dead Sea is thus of immense natural value to the countries surrounding it.

In fact, the production of various cosmetics and healthcare products by various companies with the help of minerals excavated from the Dead Sea is on the rise.

It can be rightly hoped that in the near future also, further research on the use of minerals will open new paths in the discovery of newer cures of ailments.

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