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Muscular Pain!!!

Paining muscle and stiff joints muscle pain are fairly common example of PMS symptoms.

Since endorphins gradually increase pleasure feelings and reduce muscle pain, when their levels fall, pain increases quite vigorously.

Hence, muscles pain, joints are stiffer, and there is a common feeling of being sore all over the injured area.

The symptoms of muscle pain usually involve muscle pain with specific "trigger" or "tender" points.

The pain can grow from bad to worse with activity or stress.

Also along with the local or regional pain which is associated with myofascial pain syndrome, the people with this disorder also may suffer from depression, fatigue and behavioral disturbances.

Although there are some interrelation with PMS symptoms, fibromyalgia's chief symptom is intense and chronic body muscle pain.

Here are some of the important observable symptoms:

" Exhaustion or fatigue
" Sleep disorder or insomnia
" Irritable bowel symptom
" Anxiety
" Depression
" Dizziness
" Impaired memory
" Restless leg syndrome
" Skin sensitivity and rashes


Hypothyroidism is the disease related to underactive thyroid gland muscle pain.

People who are suffering from hypothyroidism all of a sudden gain weight, dry skin, constipation, and joint muscle pain, as well as muscle weakness, cramps, and stiffness of the muscles.

Since hormones are linked in the development and function of the connective tissue like that in muscle joints,

An imbalance in thyroid gland levels can lead to a high thickening in the muscle joints which may ultimately cause severe muscle pain.

Calf Muscle Pain

If you are having calf muscle pain, It is also commonly known as calf muscle spasm.

However, generally more commonly known as calf muscle pain, many people across the world are suffering from this disease which makes even walking very difficult for the victims.

This is a highly painful condition and is usually caused due to the contraction of the calf muscles, which could occur due to a number of reasons.

Hence, in order to avoid calf muscle pain, it is highly necessary for us to understand the reasons so that it can be prevented as far as possible.

Calf muscle pain can affect either one distinct calf muscle or all the muscles at a same time.

This disease is also known as another name Charley Horse.

There are a large number of reasons which causes this muscle pain.

Prevention of Calf Muscle Pain

If you are doing any activity or exercise it is always necessary to do some light warm up.

Directly starting an exercise or activity before preliminary warm up is one of the chief causes of calf muscle pain.

Drink at least two to three liters of water per day to prevent calf muscle pain.

Always remember that due to deficiency of required amount of water in our body, the muscles start to cramp and hence dehydration leads to calf pain.

Finally calf muscle pain can be prevented to a great extent by taking vitamin rich and healthy foods.

Foods with high mineral content such as potassium, calcium and magnesium will help a lot to prevent calf muscle pain.

Symptoms of calf muscle pain

Calf muscle pain starts with a severe discomfort which often rises from a muscle within our legs.

It generally happens whenever a muscle contracts way beyond its elastic limit.

Leg cramps usually occur in the leg muscles both below and behind the knee role.

The small muscles of the foot are occasionally affected.

Calf muscle pain might only last from a couple of minutes to several hours.

Besides, the intensity of the pain varies from person to person.

But, the damage within the muscles generated due to the cramp might last for full 24 hours.

Generally, calf muscle pain occurs when, you are resting, commonly during sleep or whenever you are awaken.

Otherwise, because of the necessary attraction, it may be an irritating problem which could disturb you and your family during late night especially when they are under deep sleep condition.

Calf Muscle Pain-reason

Calf muscle pain mostly starts with the stretching of already contracted muscle.

So, contraction of the lower limb further can cause muscle to enter the spasm.

It commonly takes place throughout our sleeping time.

The standard sleep pose, we relax using the knees loosely spread, with feet pointing downwards.

So, the strain caused by the stretching of the calf muscle causes it to be susceptible to cramps.

This theory explains why maintaining a good posture during the sleep could avoid this problem.

Tips for Reducing the Pain in Calf Muscle

" Don't walk with the wounded leg.
" Slowly massage the calf muscle pain effected area gently to reduce the pain by great extent.
" Always keep your leg straight and flex it towards your knee before you are going for stretching exercises.
" Finally apply some ice on the affected area where you are having calf muscle pain.


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