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Monoatomic Icons and Monatomic Elements

A monatomic ion is an ion which comprises of a single or more elements and it’s not like a polyatomic ion which have more than one element in one ion. Monatomic elements are also referred as the hidden forms of matter and in real these do not exist and can be said totally as a theoretical thing hence the existence of these monatomic can be merely said as a theoretical subject.

Monoatomic Icons and Monatomic Elements

For example the monatomic ion in calcium carbonate is Ca2+ and the poly atomic ion is CO32- hence now the meaning of a monatomic is exactly clear and can be understood with the above said theory.

Monoatomic Icons and Monatomic Elements Two Types

There are two types of binary ionic compound containing a metal (cat ion) which forms only one type of ion and in the type II ionic compounds contains the metals that form same type of ion with different charges.

 Monoatomic Icons and Monatomic Elements

Some of the

Common Cation's are:









    Some of the common cation's are:





    Some of the Common Type II Cation's are:

Iron (II)

Copper (II)

Copper (I)


 And there are many more monatomic ions and they do not exist based on any tangible proof and they are also recognized in theoretical proposition as very precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Platinum, Iridium and others which occur as more than one atom linked to each other as molecules of their individual element state.

· GOLD in its metal form is composed of 6 atoms linked together and in its other form there is only one atom existing at a time.

On the basis of the continuous research conducted by the scientists and according to their theoretical model presented it has been discovered that these have substantial healing properties they exist in our body mainly in the nervous system and also present in plants interwoven with botanical molecules hence according to these research it can be concluded that the more the increase of the amount of these super-conductive elements in their body means the greater the body’s capacity to heal itself.

They normally exist exist as only one atom at a time in their non-metal state and exhibit super-conductive properties i.e. when the electricity runs through these elements there is virtually no impedance to this flow.

Even the modern sophisticated instrumentation are being fooled by the super-conductive property in different monatomic elements.

Monoatomic Icons and Monatomic Elements and Diseases

One of the most important property of them is that they area able to cure some of the diseases by increasing the speed of communication in the immune system the body can detect the threats fast and they can also clear the distortions in the DNA molecule according to MAE theoretical model. These monatomic ions are most important in one’s life and also in the maintenance of good health many famous scientists have been in the research work for these monatomic ions and some of them have succeeded and some not but still according to various reports and experiments it can be concluded that they are of wide importance in the modern world. 

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