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Life Force Ormus Minerals

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Life Force Ormus Minerals

INGREDIENTS: Ormus Minerals From Dead Sea Salt & Pacific Ocean Water, Life Force Fulvic Minerals

Get the Mixture of Ormus and Life force energy Combined for Super energy

Fulvic Acid Benefits

Fulvic acid's primary role is as a digestive aid in your system. There is a correlation between the fulvic acid content in your foods and the quality of soil the foods are grown in. Many mass-produced fruits and vegetables contain less fulvic acid because of the mineral depletion of the soils they are grown in. Fulvic acid can be purchased as a supplement from nutrition and supplement stores and can be taken daily as a nutritional aid.

Nutrient Assimilation

Fulvic acid is an excellent transporter of energy-rich nutrients, and the electrolytes found in fulvic acid increases your body's ability to absorb these nutrients through your digestive system. Fulvic acid helps your digestive system process vitamins, minerals, proteins and herbs. Fulvic acid supplements are most effective when taken with or before meals.

Cell Life Balance

The powerful organic electrolyte properties of fulvic acid help to balance the lifespan of cells, sometimes even prolonging their lifespan. According to, fulvic acid can actually revitalize dead or dying cells--at least temporarily--and extend their use. Fulvic acid can help process heavy metals found in cells so that they move through the system with greater efficiency and improve cell health.

Mineral Absorption

Fulvic acid plays an integral role in your body's ability to properly absorb nutrients at the cellular level. It works by entering into your cells and serving as a discriminant toward minerals, helping choose what minerals to keep out of the cell and what minerals to bring in through the membrane--and at what quantities--in order for the cell to function properly with well-balanced nutrients. This improves the overall health of the cell and the functioning of the cell, since it has greater access to the organic materials needed to perform its necessary functions.

Improved Overall Function

Because fulvic acid provides electrolytes that enhance the electric potential of cells, this can also benefit mineral deficiencies that may be rooted at the cellular level. For example, deficiencies of iron, calcium and magnesium can be more difficult for your cells to absorb without adequate levels of fulvic acid present in the body. An individual's overall electric potential can be negatively impacted by the loss of fluids, emotional stress, sleep deprivation or poor diet. Improving the electric balance in your cells can help defend your body against sickness, weakness and other problems associated with low energy levels.

Ormus Benefits

Ormus Minerals - Mental Benefits

  •  Clearer Thinking
  •  Developed Intuition
  •  Emotional Healing
  •  Greater Clarity and Focus
  •  Heightened Senses
  •  Sense of Being Fully Present
  •  Sense of Calm
  •  Thought Manifestation

Ormus Minerals - Physical Benefits

  • Aids Intestinal Tract  Absorption of Food Particles
  • Body Cells' Generation of Hydroelectric Energy
  • Body Cells' Hydration and Nourishment
  • Body Cells' Regeneration and Communication
  • Body Cells' Rejuvenation
  • Improves Vision
  • Increases Electrolytes
  • Increases Energy
  • Prevents Muscle Cramps
  • Promotes Bone Strength
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Promotes Healthy Cellular PH Balance
  • Promotes Healthy DNA & RNA
  • Promotes Healthy Immune System Function


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Ormus Minerals Life Force Ormus


Ormus Minerals from Dead Sea Salt & Pacific Ocean Water, Life Force Fulvic Acid Minerals





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