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Ormus Trap Water

Ormus trap water is indeed on of the most researched water characteristics in the world.

The observations really had been mind boggling and needs to be further researched and analysed.

The m-state materials dissolved in this water does respond to the magnetic fields and are super conductors when swirled in the presence of a magnetic field can be separated into two components; a magnetically responsive component and a non-responsive component.

The designs of several forms of these traps have been made to make maximum use of this potential.

The concentrate defined to be thick and oily than commonly available water texture and obviously this water tends to be moving in relation to the magnetic fields.

The designs are available in plenty and the process is continuously evolving.

To start with The Storage Trap was first attempt at trap design.

It is designed to repel the good water downward into the bottom of the given trap.

It is a good design and almost is capable of concentrating ORMUS more than any of the others but the down side is that it works on a batch out basis.

It is costly but fairly easy to build and operate.

The storage trap or so called vortex trap the system of working is that it works quite well but it does not lend itself to unattended operation or indoor use.

It was designed to repel the good water into the centre of a vortex in horizontal operation.

It is cheap and easy to build in its PVC format and quite expensive and difficult to build in its clear acrylic format.

The third design is also very interesting and have better capabilities it seems to work well (depending on how it is magnetized) but it was also a batch collector and, for me, required that I crawl under my house to collect the trap water.

It was designed to repel the good water horizontally into a pressurized dead space before it runs a magnetic vortex gauntlet.

This trap is moderately difficult to build and quite difficult to install and use.SO, To trap the best you can choose the one you think best for you.

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