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ORMUS What Does it Mean?

It is a well-known fact that nature has numerous hidden things buried in its lap.

Human Beings were able to discover only a few amount of such thing till date.

The few that have been discovered is mostly co incidents.

However, it has helped human civilization to progress smoothly.

One such discovery was made by an American farmer named David Hudson in 1975.

He actually discovered something strange in the soil.

However, the most astonishing feature of the element was its ability to vanish into the air, when dried in sunlight, giving off a bright light.

Under proper supervision, the element was found to contain aluminum, gold, silver and iron.

This unusual behavior of the element created a strong excitement among the common people.

Elements that occur in the earth rarely exist independently and usually occur as compounds.

However there is an exception to the ORMEs commonly referred as Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements, which are known to exist independently.

As time progressed, these ORMEs were commonly referred as 'Ormus'.

The Ormus has similar properties as compared to pure crystals of transition metals.

In this particular aspect, "Mono-atomic gold" can also be referred as a pleonasm.

The term 'Orbitally Rearranged' as such bears no such definite meaning in context of atomic physics, but gives a scientific touch to the concept.

It has not yet been verified, whether Ormus is a substance that has some sort of constant existence, or it is always changing periodically.

Ormus is considered to be a 3rd dimension of the precious metal elements, by some scientists.

Generally, the three dimensions of a 3-dimensional object are its length, breadth, and height.

M-state substances like the ORMEs have been found to exhibit zero viscosity, magnetic levitation, the phenomenon of Josephson tunneling, and even superconductivity is also shown by them.

They can thus be considered to be an entirely different class of materials that have properties that are quite extraordinary when compared to the other normal materials that are usually found around us.

Most of the properties possessed by this kind of substances are found to be the properties that are usually exhibited by those substances that are considered in the language of modern science to be "Ideal " substances in their respective classes that rarely bear any notable significance to real conditions.

The operations of MRI apparatus can also be carried out using the various properties of Ormus elements without the need of any expensive cooling procedures.

The concept of super conductivity can be used to bring about a revolution in the field of long distance communication procedures as well as transmission of electricity to far off places without suffering considerable losses in energy.

This will lead to the saving of a lot of money and devices of newer and greener methods to tap the various energy resources effectively and efficiently.

Another prime countenance of Ormus elements is their capability of giving up their original form when subjected to a little high temperature and sunlight, making independent from following the laws of gravity and hence achieving the capability of disappearing into sunlight by getting their mass converted into light energy.

The Ormus then manages to accomplish unity with light and gets itself into another dimension where there is no limit of the space-time parameters.

However, when it is cooled, it returns back to its original shape and inherits the similar position at which it had existed before.

This property of Ormus substances can be used to make necessary corrections in the D.N.A structure of a living organism, to remove any mal functional genes that may be originally present in the gene pool of that organism.

Ormus is very much appreciated for its numerous medicinal properties.

According to some scientist, Ormus is present in each and every object like the seas, soil and even the human body.

It is said that 5 % of the human brain is made of Ormus and the Ormus content of the brain can be increased by taking in adequate amount of food and water that is enriched with Ormus.

To add a bonus, Ormus gold is believed to be beneficial for improving spiritual consciousness and psychic understanding.

They are also known to improve the neurotransmitter production.

Significant anti-aging characteristics, relief from joint pain etc. are also bound to happen.

Apart from all these wonderful benefits, it also boosts up cell rejuvenation thus improving the quality and glow of skin.

Ormus actually stands for the 12 elements that exist in the immaterial highly energetic state apart from their normal states.

Well now a conclusion will not be an abhorrent thing.

In the near future, many brand new and exciting facts about Ormus will be exposed in front of the human civilization through several sincere researches.

Till then we can only wait and hope for the best!!!


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