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Ormus Benefits

With the advent of continuous new phases of discoveries one of the landmark in the present world is the ormus.The abundant potential of these substances have opened a new dimension of science and its contact to nature as a benefactor.

The ormus has remarking beneficial effect on mankind as a health booster, as agro yield enhancer, as an adverse climate reversal ditactor and numerous ones to assured of as the process is contiguous to find the benefits of ormus.The mere physical appearance confuses a person about whether it is gold or silver but in the end it is none of them.

A tremendous amount of money has already been spent on the ormus and its benefits matter and came up with the following.

They are known as the life giving elements for all living beings.

These mysterious metals do switch from being one metal to another at different temperatures.

These elements cause plants to grow against gravity.

One of the greatest finding about this ormus stated by a scientist is that it is: "increased spiritual consciousness and psychic phenomenon, longevity support, boosted neurotransmitter production, increased dream lucidity, significant anti-aging characteristics, relief from joint pain and joint degeneration, increased metabolic rate and cell rejuvenation.

The positive effects of ormus are an absolute and the boundaries of its reach are spreading at multiples.

Ormus elements are also present in several biological systems.

They have the capability to enhance energy flow in the microtubules inside the very core of living cell.

These metals have a strong affinity for and are almost always found in their natural state in combination with gold.

The effect of these elements are of great spiritual ones as it is mandatory to say that it gives one the abilities all the esoteric alchemists have longed and searched for: perfect telepathy, ability to levitate and/or bilocate, project thoughts, know good and evil, heal by laying on of hands, even to be able to essurect the dead .


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