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  Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oil With Ormus Minerals


 ORMUS Minerals
Magnesium Oil with Ormus Minerals


 Known ORMUS Minerals in Ormus Minerals, Minerals from Ocean Water and
infused with Minerals in Magnesium Oil

  • Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body, a necessary co-factor for hundreds of enzymes, and the most critical mineral of all for coping with stress. 
  • Well science now learned that the best way to take this important nutrient is trandermal and to top that off we have added the ORMUS Minerals and now you have a full spectrum supplement that you just rub onto your skin and see results in your health. 
  • The main difference in Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oil and Pure Magnesium is that the Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oil has all the know minerals (84) and all the known Ormus Minerals (12) in it to bring health and healing when you apply it. Where the Pure Magnesium Oil has 12 minerals with the main mineral being Magnesium. 


 Atomic #


Atomic #


























   Magnesium Oil Minerals (12)  

 Known Minerals in Magnesium Oil

  ND Not Detectable


.224 ppm


ND ppm


71.1 ppm


ND ppm


.1 ppm

 Beryllium  ND ppm
 Magnesium Chloride

31.5 %

 Chlorine  ND ppm

1.01 ppm

 Chromium  ND ppm

.161 ppm

 Cobalt  ND ppm
 Potassium Chloride


 Flouride  ND ppm

8.06 ppm

 Lead  ND ppm
 Sodium Chloride


 Mercury  ND ppm

.206 ppm

 Nickel  ND ppm
 Silver  ND ppm
 Thallium  ND ppm
 Vanadium  ND ppm

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Ormus Minerals with Magnesium Oil

Ormus Minerals &
Magnesium Oil with ORMUS

 Ormus Minerals and
Magnesium Oil

4 oz

2 weeks


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 Ormus Minerals and
Magnesium Oil

 8 oz

 1 month


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 Ormus Minerals and
Magnesium Oil

16 oz

 2 months


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 Ormus Minerals and
Magnesium Oil

 32 oz

 4 months

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Ormus Minerals and
Magnesium Oil

 64 oz

 8 months

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 Ormus Minerals and
Magnesium Oil

 128 oz

 1 year

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  Ingredients: Distilled Water, Magnesium Chloride,
and Cassia Essential Oil

Known Minerals in Ocean Water

 periodic table

Ormus Minerals Magnesium Oil Minerals

Ocean Water is made of 84+ minerals

 Aluminium Al


 Mercury Hg


 Antimony Sb   0.000330  Molybdenum Mo


 Argentum (silver)      Ag   0.000280  Neodymium Nd


 Argon Ar   0.450000   Neon Ne


 Arsenic As   0.002600   Nickel Ni


 Aurum (gold) Au   0.000011  Niobium Nb


 Barium Ba   0.021000   Nitrogen ion


 Beryllium Be   0.000001   Osmium Os  
 Bismuth Bi   0.000020   Oxygen H2O


 Boron B   4.450000   Palladium Pd  
 Bromine Br   67.3   Phosphorus P


 Cadmium Cd


 Platinum Pt


 Calcium Ca


 Plutonimu Pu

 Carbon C   28.000000 

 Potassium K 

 Cerium Ce    0.000001  Praesodymium Pr    0.000001
 Cesium Cs    0.000300  Rhenium Re   0.000008
 Chlorine NaCl     19,400  Rhodium Rh  
 Chromium Cr    0.000200  Rubidium Rb    0.120000
 Cobalt Co    0.000390   Ruthenium Ru    0.000001
 Copper Cu              0.000900  Samarium Sm             0.000000 
 Dysprosium Dy    0.000001  Scandium Sc    <0.000004
 Erbium Er    0.000001  Selenium Se    0.000900
 Europium Eu  0.000001   Silicon Si    2.900000
 Ferrum (Iron)Fe  0.003400   Sodium NaCl    10,800
 Fluorine F  13.000000   Stannum (tin) Sn   0.000810
 Gadolinium Gd    0.000001   Strontium Sr    8.100000
 Gallium Ga    0.000030   Sulfur S    904
 Germanium Ge    0.000060   Tantalum Ta    <0.0000025
 Hafnium Hf   <0.000008  Tellurium Te  
 Helium He    0.000007   Terbium Tb    0.000000
 Holmium Ho   0.000000  Thallium Tl  
 Hydrogen H2O  110,000   Thorium Th   0.000000
 Indium In     Thulium Tm    0.000000
 Iodine              0.064000    Titanium Ti    0.001000
 Iridium Ir     Tungsten W    <0.000001
 Krypton Kr    0.000210   Uranium U    0.003300
 Lanthanum La    0.000003   Vanadium V    0.001900
 Lead Pb    0.000030   Xenon Xe    0.000047
 Lithium Li   0.170000  Ytterbium Yb   0.000001
 Lutetium Lu   0.000000  Yttrium Y   0.000013
 Magnesium Mg   1,290  Zinc Zn   0.005000
 Manganese Mn   0.000400  Zirconium Zr   0.000026

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